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Fisher Hearing Technologies Inc.is proud to be part of the process that will let you enjoy life to it’s fullest. We employ the finest individuals. Our production standards are set to manufacture and control our production so that you the consumer receives the finest hearing instrument available.


We Specialize in Technology:


  • State of the Art Digital Hearing Instruments


    Our professional office staff processes all incoming and outgoing orders. They are here to assist our customers with fittings and special requests. Assembly technicians assemble all our custom products by hand after receiving the order. This insures a completely custom Hearing  Instrument. The Mold lab creates the shell for the custom devices using the latest in UV Polymer Technology. After assembly and finishing the device is tested to standards set forth by ANSI and the FDA. to ensure your device conforms to our high quality standards. The shipping department then  creates the shipping documents and the device for delivery.

  • All Make Repair Lab


    Our All Make repair lab provides us with the ability to repair all brands of hearing instruments. Allowing Fisher Hearing Tech to see all other manufacturers products and determine processes we will use to construct  the highest quality instruments possible